Donovan’s Don’ts

If you’ve read Donovan’s Do’s you’ll be interested in Donovan’s Don’ts. The following short list is a few things you don’t want to do with your computer.

  • Don’t let just anyone get on your computer
  • Don’t fall for phone scams asking to get on your computer (Microsoft will never call you)
  • Don’t click on pop-ups that say your computer is infected
  • Don’t click on anything that tells you to download something (unless you intended to download something)
  • Don’t leave your computer running overnight (let it rest)
  • Only install legitimate updates that will appear in your system tray (lower right icons)
  • Don’t eat (or drool) over your computer
  • Don’t throw your computer (Donovan can’t catch it)
  • Don’t log into secure places on unprotected WiFi
  • Don’t create a document called passwords to store your passwords.

While there are many more, this will get you started. Practice safe surfing, and keep your system clean.