Donovan’s Do’s

The following is a short list any computer user should do.

  • Save Regularly.
  • Back-up your files.
  • Use a good Firewall & AntiVirus.
  • Keep your System Clean.
  • Secure Your WiFi.
  • Don’t Save Your Passwords on the Computer.
  • Practice Safe Surfing.
  • Install Windows Updates.
  • Update Flash and Java.
  • Know an Excellent Computer Technician.

Computer Tricks…

  • Right click – it will give you a menu with every option you can do.
  • Save Downloads to your desktop – they will be easier to find.
  • Control + F will open a find/search box.
  • Control + P will send that page to print.
  • Alt + Tab will jump to the next page, tab or program.

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