Donovan’s Do’s

The following is a short list any computer user should do.

  • Save Regularly.
  • Back-up your files.
  • Use a good Firewall & AntiVirus.
  • Keep your System Clean.
  • Secure Your WiFi.
  • Don’t Save Your Passwords on the Computer.
  • Practice Safe Surfing.
  • Install Windows Updates.
  • Update Flash and Java.
  • Know an Excellent Computer Technician.

Computer Tricks…

  • Right click – it will give you a menu with every option you can do.
  • Save Downloads to your desktop – they will be easier to find.
  • Control + F will open a find/search box.
  • Control + P will send that page to print.
  • Alt + Tab will jump to the next page, tab or program.

Also be sure to read…

Tablet PC and Smart Phone

Computer Running Slow?

If your computer is running slow, shut it down and restart it. Run a system cleaner like CCleaner and run a spyware scan like from SpyBot – Search and Destroy to make sure everything is clean. If it is still running slow, check your memory and hard drive space, you may need to upgrade.

Are you out of Hard drive Space?

If you go to ‘My Computer’ and see that your Local Disk C: is near capacity or running in the red you may need to get more RAM. Contact a Leprechaun to have him determine if your computer can be upgraded and how much can be added and we’ll take care of it for you.

Can’t Get Connected to the Internet?

Are you getting that Page Can Not Be Displayed message when you open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox). If you are connected wirelessly, make sure you are connected. Try restarting the router, unplug it for a few seconds then plug it back in. Once it reconnects the problem may be fixed. If not, your internet may be down. Contact your service provider to find out. If you are still down, you may have a virus keeping you from surfing, time to call a leprechaun.